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Flight Suit to Business Suit


You've made the move (or are about to) from military to civilian life. Our firm is here to assist in the transition in any way we can. In particular, we would like to help you hold onto the assets you may have accumulated while in uniform and to optimize your financial planning moving forward.

One of the greatest challenges veterans often face is the necessity and/or desire to pursue a career after their service in the military has ended. Whether it's the desire to change careers completely, or to adapt transferable skill sets acquired in uniform to their civilian near-equivalent (i.e., trading a grey tail cargo plane for a brown one), there are several steps needed for the transition.  Here's an article that addresses some of the issues often faced:

Thank you for your military service — now here are 9 reasons why I won't hire you

There are many resources available to help in the switch (in addition to the plethora of Transition Assistance Program elements you have no doubt been exposed to prior to your exit.  One is a roadmap for pilots making the move:

X Vector continuously networks with firms that are in business to help our clients win. We will endeavor to connect you with those targeted resources because it is everyone's best interest. Our success is based on yours!