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Our firm can assist you with your long-term investment strategy at whatever level is needed.  If you're interested in managing your own portfolio, but would like a co-pilot in monitoring, you can place your assets with one of our firm's custodial partners:

If, on the other hand, you'd like to trust your investment planning to a team of professionals, our firm retains the services of a leader in the field:

Portfolio Management Services Through the Use of Sub-Advisor

     We offer the use of a Sub-Advisors for portfolio management services. We assist Clients in selecting an appropriate allocation model, completing the Outside Manager’s investor profile questionnaire, interacting with the Outside Manager and reviewing the Outside Manager. Our review process and analysis of outside managers is further discussed in our firm's Form ADV Part 2A. Additionally, we will meet with the Client on a periodic basis to discuss changes in their personal or financial situation, suitability, and any new or revised restrictions to be applied to the account. Fees pertaining to this service are outlined in Item 5 of the firm brochure. XY Investment Solutions (“XYIS”) as a Sub-Advisor XY Investment Solutions ("XYIS") builds investment models through a technology solution and supports financial planners with investment strategies based on research, experience, and sound rationale. XYIS primarily allocates Client assets among various mutual funds, exchange-traded funds ("ETFs"). XYIS may also allocate Client assets in individual debt and equity securities, options, and independent investment managers. XYIS's services are based on long-term investment strategies incorporating the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory. XYIS manages Client investments in model portfolios on a discretionary basis.”