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Who could benefit from the firm's services?

     No financial planning firm can be all things to all people. (Nor should they try to be!) X Vector, Ltd., aims to work with aviation professionals, born between the years of 1965 and 1980 (Generation X).  

     By its nature, aviation employment is variable in schedules, income, and benefits based on the type of company and associated contracts.  One of our firm's goals is to help you manage these ups and downs through our comprehensive planning process.  Regardless of whether or not your firm provides benefits, your circumstances are unique.  You and your family will have goals and needs that are unlike everyone else's  And that's where we can help.

     From deciding an appropriate risk management strategy to deciding the most efficient retirement funding options, our firm will back you up on the controls from take-off to landing in your financial plan.

Click here to find out if we're a good fit.

There will undoubtedly be exceptions to this general demographic guideline (i.e. any pro bono work the firm participates in), but it just makes sense that if the firm provides targeted service to those with common life stage goals and needs, the firm can do it better than anyone else out there.

If, after initial consultation, it’s not a good fit, the firm will endeavor to find an appropriate adviser referral.