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Financial Planning
for Professional Pilots in Generation X

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You’re intelligent. You’re motivated. You take pride in being able to launch a machine into the sky, make it do what you tell it to do, get it to your destination and bring it back to terra firma safely. We get it…. you’re a pilot!

     Thank you for visiting our site, and should it make sense, X Vector, Ltd. would be honored to help you with your long-term financial planning needs.  Our firm caters to those who have answered the call to fly airplanes as a career.  We are positioned to help those pilots established in their careers, or perhaps beginning the second career in aviation.  Those in this life-stage are typically in what is termed Generation X (in between those just starting out, and those who have reached the twilight of their careers).  Unfortunately, the financial services industry has neglected this demographic in terms of comprehensive planning.  Our goal is to fix that: Fee only financial planning is all we do. If you’re in this group and this appeals you, please explore our site.

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Value Proposition (ACE):



During each engagement our firm builds a customized road map for clients to reach their financial goals. But just as in flying, stuff happens.   A parallel might be, your flight plan might require a divert for weather. Sometimes the turbulence in life, or a significant event will require diverting a financial plan from the original goals.



As a fiduciary, X Vector has a statutory and moral obligation to act in the best interests of its clients. This does not mean that recommendations from the adviser will always be what the client wants to hear, but to the greatest extent possible, will be conflict-free and unbiased.



We know what it’s like to find out an identity thief has absconded with thousands of dollars from a checking account while traveling three time-zones away. We also know when a salesman is trying to “put lipstick on a pig” to make the sale (i.e., framing a whole life insurance policy or annuity as a “retirement investment”). Certainly, there are times when certain products are appropriate, but such placement should be plan-driven.

Proud member of XY Planning Network! Advisors displaying this badge have been accepted into XY Planning Network by vowing to adhere to strict fiduciary standards, and carry the CFP® designation. XY Planning Network is the leading financial planning platform for fee-for-service financial advisors who want to serve their Gen X and Gen Y peers by providing comprehensive financial planning services without product sales or asset minimums.